Do you really like those unsightly stretch marks when you can do something about it?

The Anti-Stretch Mark Cream concentrates on stretch marks related to pregnancy and weight gain and/or loss.This product contains pure Vitamin C Oil which penetrates the skin 100 times faster than any other known substance. This very gentle, but highly concentrated oil helps to make our formula produce incredible results safely and naturally.

What is the best way to use Anti-Stretch Mark Cream?

We recommended that you use Anti-Stretch Mark Cream sparingly 3 times a day, on the areas most commonly affected by stretch marks, such as the breasts and abdomen. It is important that you allow for the cream to penetrate before you dress, which should not take more than a few minutes.

When should I start using Anti-Stretch Mark Cream?

To obtain the best results, we recommend that you start using the product as soon as possible, either while trying to conceive or when you are already pregnant. The earlier you begin using the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, the better the results will be!

How many times a day do I have to use the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream?

During our research we discovered that you will see results faster when using the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream three times a day.

Is it better to use Anti-Stretch Mark Cream before or after taking a shower?

Before showering there is a significant amount of natural oils, sweat and other substances present on your skin, which may decrease your skins absorption capacity. We recommend you use the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream after a warm shower when your pores are open and will more readily absorb the product. If you do not have time to shower it is better to use it than not to use it at all. The more often the product is reapplied, the better the results you will experience.

How long do I have to wait to wear clothes after using the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream?

We recommended you wait at least five minutes before dressing into tight clothing. It is very important to allow the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream to penetrate deeply into your skin. This process takes between three and five minutes, depending on your skin and the amount applied.

When can I expect to see any results?

As a preventive method you should use the product starting the first month of pregnancy so your skin will be prepared for the changes in your body. As a corrective treatment, using Anti-Stretch Mark Cream three times a day, most people start seeing results after the second week and becoming more apparent after the fourth or fifth week using our cream. These results depend severely on your skin type, genetic background, and severity of your stretch marks.

My stretch marks are very deep and dark, should I use Anti-Stretch Mark Cream anyway? Does it work when you have severe stretch marks?

Absolutely, you can use the product! Even though your condition may be severe, you can at the very least significantly diminish their appearance as the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream makes them more shallow and narrower. The speed at which you will see results depend on your skin type and the amount of stretch marks you have. In case of severe scarring we recommended that you use the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream at least three times a day and wait the five minutes before wearing clothing on the affected area.

I'm allergic to some chemical substances, is Anti-Stretch Mark Cream a natural product?

When we considered producing a stretch mark cream with pregnant woman in mind, the first concern was to develop a product that would be 100% save in this delicate time of the womans life. So, our goal was to produce an effective cream with natural substances and as such avoid any possible reactions or complications. Of course we had to keep in mind the developing fetus and although the cream is for topical use one has to be cautious nevertheless. Therefore our product contains only natural ingredients of which many are naturally present in our bodies. The Anti-Stretch Mark Cream has been thoroughly tested and is completely save. It is wise to test it on a small path of skin and wait for 24 hours; as even some natural ingredients can evoke allergic reactions in certain individuals. If you do not develop a reaction within 24 hours, then you can safely use the cream.

Is Anti-Stretch Mark Cream dangerous for the baby?

As Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is a natural cream that does not contain harmful substances, it will not affect the baby. The cream is not believed to enter the bloodstream and as such it should not even reach the growing fetus.You can safely use Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. It has been developed for pregnant women and as such is composed to be completely safe to both mother and child.

I am in my fourth month of pregnancy and my friend gave me Anti-Stretch Mark Cream yesterday, should I start using even though I'm already my in fourth month?

Yes, you should start using it as soon as possible! Anti-Stretch Mark Cream has both a preventative and a corrective function. There is no set rule on when you should start using the cream, however the earlier you start the better the results will be. If you already have experienced the development of some stretch marks, the cream will correct these as well as prevent the formation of scar tissue in the remaining months.

How does Anti-Stretch Mark Cream work?

The goal of Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is to strengthen your skin to face the large tensions it is subjected to during pregnancy. Our product was developed to naturally stimulate the production of collagen increase the elasticity of the connective tissue in your skin.

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