A Fresh Diet-Patch Every Day

We've noticed a lot of web sites popping up selling Diet Patches and the offers therein and cost-cutting ways of selling patches. In particular, wearing one patch for 2 or even 3 days straight. That's a NO-NO! You should be wearing a clean new diet or slimming patch every day for the ingredients to work. Our diet patches are professionally packaged, have a detailed instruction pamphlet and enclosed are 30 patches, ie. one month's supply.

The Oriignal Diet-Patch


Remember at DIET-PATCH.COM we price guarantee that we're the cheapest diet patch, slimming patch in the market. At $39.95 for 30 patches (1 month's supply) + S&H at $5.15 in the USA (as at 2012).

Diet-Patch Advice

When price shopping, check out the small print and be very careful. We're transparent here at SCI Inc., The Manufacturers of the Original Diet Patch since 1995.

We believe in ensuring our prices are the most competitive in the market and we provide you with a professional product. Would you wear a Weight Loss Patch for more than one day on your body? We wouldn't recommend it.

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