Super Detox System to Burn Fat from SCI Diet

Who qualifies for the Diet-Patch Super Detox System? Find our recommendations below based on weight loss goal(s). Please note these are guides only, every individual will lose weight at different levels over different periods of time, however our guidelines should assist you to make an informed choice:

If you're weight loss goal is under 15 lbs, use a Double Pack Diet-Patch

If you have 9-15 lbs of body fat to lose – use the Double Pack of the Diet-Patch (two month's supply) and you should reach your ideal weight.

If you have up to 8 lbs of excess weight to lose - use the Single Pack of the Diet Slimming Patch (one month's supply) and you should reach your ideal weight.

If your weight loss goal is over 15lbs, use the Diet-Patch Detox System

However, if you have 16 lbs or more of unwanted fat to lose then you would qualify to use the Diet-Patch and Super Colon Detox System.

For those with over 21 lbs or more of fat loss then you should order the Diet-Patch Super 4 Detox System to save $$ or you can just come back in 6 weeks to reorder your next 2 month's supply from your Diet-Patch account (we do not auto-rebill - pay only for product as you lose with SCI!)

The Detox System includes 2 months supply of The Original Diet Slimming Patch (contains 60 diet-patches) and one bottle of the 15 Day Super Colon Cleanse.

The Diet-Patch Detox System is a truly Powerful System that helps you cleanse your body and lose weight in a controlled and regulated manner.

The Diet-Patch Detox System helps you detox, cleans unwanted toxins and waste build up and resets your body for successful weight loss which is controlled and permanent.

No fasting required or injecting your body with hormone supplements like HCG, this is the SAFE way to a new body and a new You!

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