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Dear Diet-Patch,

Thanks for shipping my order express to Guam. I'm stoked that I've lost 6.5 lbs in my first week!

Dan B.

Diet Patch wins Biggest Loser Weigh Off as seen on

Biggest Loser Contest on CBS News is Diet Slim Patch

An all natural and safe herbal remedy! It is approved by the American Institute of Homeopathy as a natural remedy for obesity. Would you believe that ocean kelp called bladderwrack has been in use for over 100 years with absolutely NO side effects EVER reported. In the last few years people all over North America have rediscovered natural remedies and this is why this herbal DIET PATCH is becoming so popular. Bladderwrack is renowned in France for speeding up the metabolic rate and breaking down fatty reserves. Widely used in French weight control programs.

All other diets are pure torture because they tell you when and how much to eat day after day after day... you make the rules with The Diet Patch. The Diet-Patch is your constant source of willpower 24 hours a day - everyone needs a psychological aid to help lose those extra pounds. Nourishes the skin, controls appetite, cuts fatigue by nourishing the muscular system and helps with water retention. No side effects! We have a no return policy once the product has been opened.

The Diet Patch helps to:

* Control Appetite
* Stimulate Metabolism
* Nourish the Muscular System
* Eliminate Toxins,
* Reduce Water Retention,
* and Helps to Reduce Fatigue.

The Diet Patch offers truly cost-effective results and is completely natural.

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* NO Drugs
* NO Pills
* NO Shakes
* NO Hassle
* NO Kiddin'!

Non-Drug - Safe - Easy to use - Never Hungry - No side effects!

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* More Freedom, Better Control
* More Confidence

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