Diet Patch Detox System FAQs

How will the diet patch help me lose weight?

You can read the FAQ's for The Original Diet-Patch HERE

How will the super colon cleanse make me lose the weight?

The Super Colon Cleanse is an all natural herbal supplement that cleanses and purifies your entire digestive system and removal of mucoid plaque. The Super Colon Cleanse removes all the unwanted and old waste build up that is making you feel lethargic and unhealthy. The supplement tablets should be taken as directed, every day for the first 15 days WHILE you are wearing the Diet-Patch. After the 15 days expires your digestive system will be cleaned and you will feel energized and the body ready to maintain your weight loss goals. You should then continue with the Diet-Patches for the remaining 6 weeks. Depending on your weight loss goals, repeat the Diet Patch Detox System as required.

What is Mucoid Plaque on the Intestine Walls?

It is common after years of eating to build up mucoid plaque on the walls of human intestines. This plaque greatly lowers the ability to absorb nutrition and makes your body much more toxic. The Super Colon Cleanse will cleanse and purify the intestines.

Should I do anything while on the Super Colon Cleanse?

Yes, it is extremely important to keep fluid levels high while on the Cleanse. What that means is drinking lots of clean distilled Water daily (not directly from a tap but via a carbon based water filter is highly recommended). We suggest 6-8 glasses per day. Even after the Cleanse is finished, we would advocate that you keep to the Water drinking regiment.

How will I feel during the Diet Patch Super Colon Cleanse Period?

Most Diet-Patch customers feel very energetic and more alive while cleansing; others will only feel more energetic after they have completed their cleanse. It's all down to body weight and lifestyle but the overall outcome will be very positive and ensure you will keep pushing forward with your Diet System and weight loss goals.

I am Pregnant or have Medical Issues

Unlike the Diet-Patch, which, when taken on it's own is perfectly safe, when using the Super Detox Cleanse, if you are pregnant or have medical issues, diabetes, or are taking other medications - you should consult a Medical Practitioner before starting the Detox System.

Other Questions about the Diet Patch Detox Colon Cleanse

Most of the other questions about ingredients, application and such like have been addressed in the Diet-Patch Detox System page HERE .

If you do have any questions that you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact Diet-Patch support using our contact form HERE .

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