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Below is a study clinical study carried out with a broad range of participants wearing the diet-patch over a 60 day period to lose body fat. The average weight loss over that time was just over 18 lbs, in 2 months! The power of Diet-Patch is recognized worldwide and as long as you're overweight, it does not discriminate on shedding those unwanted pounds of pure body fat.

The improvement of the body’s capacity to process fat is ultimately the solution to the battle of the bulge. This ability is achieved through a healthy diet and exercise program that we are able to maintain a fit, health, lean body. Sometimes, however, our bodies need a little psychological help and this is where the Diet-Patch is successful.


To determine the average amount of body weight loss over a 60 day period for both men and women whom are highly motivated and agreeing to follow a well balanced diet while wearing the Diet-Patch.


100 male and female subjects between the ages of 10-65 years of age with a body weight between 17-163 lbs in excess of normal, determined from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company body weight charts were admitted to the study.


Primary body weight was recorded by the investigator and evaluated at the first and last weigh-in for each participant in the program.

Secondary – each participant records their own progress on the instruction sheet that accompanied the proposed balanced diet.

Statistical methods – demographic and background variables were compared to obtain participants representing all occupational groups.

Labor, blue collar, executives plus home makers (working and non working mothers).


63% White/Caucasian
30% African Americans
6% Hispanic
38 Men – 62 Women

All participants had attested to trying many and varied diets and weight loss programs over a period of one or more years.
About 25% expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the Diet-Patch to lose weight.


Each and all participants made significant weight loss during the 60 day period.
The average weight loss of 2.28 pounds per subject per week.

To obtain, however, the best possible results, keep in mind the need for a healthy well-balanced diet and exercise.

Maintaining a healthy body is not an easy task, but through proper eating, exercise and the assistance of the Diet-Patch, the work becomes much more easy and pleasurable.

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