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Trading since 1995, SCI Inc., Kingwood, Texas, USA is the Original Diet-Patch manufacturer. The Diet-Patch is manufactured in the USA.


Joanna Burke, CEO

From top runway modeling to busy mother of 3 active boys, she's been in the Health and Beauty business since her teenage years.  If there is anyone you can ask about the secrets of staying slim, trim and beautiful, Joanna is one of the most informed.

For many years in the United Kingdom she ran a Health & Beauty Salon with slimming being the major focus. Many of her clients became close friends. A lot of them came due to medical requirements. One gent had to lose over 100 lbs so he could have eye surgery or the hospital would not operate.

High blood pressure is a very familiar complaint from overweight clients. Joanna has helped dozens reduce their weight and as a result reduced their need for blood pressure pills.

Knee surgery is another radical solution to being overweight. A few of her clients avoided the need for surgery by losing anything from 50lbs to 150 lbs. Needless to say these kinds of results did not happen overnight.  One lovely lady had to give up snorkeling as she was having a hard time with her breathing. After losing 40 lbs she once again took up her favorite sport.

When the hormone patch came out it got her thinking!! Voila! The all natural herbal diet-patch was produced . We have now been selling to the world market since 1995 and wholesale under many own label names. Joanna is a visionary and started an online ecommerce web site in early 1997, when online shopping was very new. From there SCI began to grow through many distributors from all over the world.

In the past ten years online shopping has exponential growth as can be seen by Forrester’s predictions of sales of $250 billion (in USA) by 2014 .

Diet-Patch Ingredients
Sea Vegetation Extract (Fucus Vesiculosus)
Vitamins E & A
Aloe Vera
Natrum Mur
Wheat Germ Oil


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